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Helping ENS grow

We integrate ENS onboarding into web3 wallets, apps, and games
Bring ENS to millions of people where they already are
Directly embed ENS onboarding into every wallet, app, and game.
Introducing NameKit
Dedicated 100% to the growth of ENS. NameKit includes sub-modules such as ENSNode or NameGuard that can also be used independently.

Improved economics for building on ENS


A fast, easy and highly customizable way for developers to add engaging ENS user journeys to their application.

Incentive program to help ENS grow

ENS Referral Program

Proposal pending

The power of a protocol lies not only in its technology, but in the strength of its community. Passionate about ENS? Become an ENS Referrer, help grow ENS, and start earning.

Protect the ENS community


Provide a safer environment for ENS names in your Web3 app, eliminate hidden risks for your users, and encourage optimal use of ENS.

Developer API tooling


Coming soon

Unlock new opportunities for ENS support in your web3 app with ENS Node, your gateway to a seamless fusion of richest on-chain and off-chain data from across the ENS ecosystem.
Our supporters
Thank you to our amazing supporters who also believe in helping ENS grow.

ENS Foundation

Wallet Builders

Web3 Protocol Builders

Public Goods Advocates



and so many others

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Decentralization Advocates

DAO Advocates

dApp Builders

ENS Labs Staff

Namehash Labs have a track record of building useful infrastructure, and furthermore of giving careful thought to what needs are not being served well by existing solutions.”


Lead developer of ENS & Ethereum Foundation alum

"I have been following NameHash development closely for over a year and was lucky enough to have a demo of their ENS registration website last year and I was blown away."


Ethereum Foundation Alumni & Co-founder of ENS

"NameHash Labs have already shown themselves to be very capable with the contributions they've already made, with lots of great work planned going into the future."


Building Ethereum Follow Protocol & Creator of Sign-In w/ Ethereum

"The NameHash team have already shipped a significant amount of impact to ENS through different services & infrastructure and have a well-laid-out roadmap ..."


DAO Governance

"The team has made many contributions on various ENS related toolsets ..."


Developer at ENS Labs

"... notable of course are the modular tools like NameKit and NameGuard that create a broader application potential within the ENS ecosystem. Solid delivery track record ..."


ENS Public Goods Steward, Governance at DELV & Optimism

"... this is a strong support because they are 100% focused on improving ENS. I would like to see them continue developing NameGuard ... and develop a method for ENS referrals."


ENS Public Goods Steward

What Guides us
Our principles

Open sourced

Everything we create will be open sourced, ensuring that our technology is accessible and adaptable.

Freely licensed

All our work will be released freely under the MIT license. This license ensures the freedom to use, modify, and redistribute.

ENS exclusivity

We are exclusively committed to the ENS namespace. We also agree to uphold all articles in the ENS DAO constitution.

ENS interoperability

We support the ENSIP process and the goal of strong interoperable standards for the ENS protocol.
Our team
NameHash Labs is a team of builders dedicated to the growth of ENS. Wanna be here? We're actively searching for special talents and would be happy to hear from you.
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Let's work together
We seek collaborations with other skilled teams and individuals who are passionate about helping ENS grow
When it came time to build smart contracts for NameKit, we chose to collaborate with Blockful for their expertise in ENS. Together we designed a solution that creates more financial incentives for wallets and dApps to encourage registrations and renewals of .eth names and help ENS grow.
Supporting Other frENS
NameHash Labs works in close collaboration with frens across the ENS community. In keeping with this ethos, we delegate a portion of our annual budget to subcontract the delivery of some goals to other talented builders and storytellers contributing to the expansion of ENS.


Join our team

Work on leading open-source technologies for the ENS Protocol and make an impact on the future of identity.

We're actively seeking talented people of all backgrounds to apply to join our team. Interested? Send an email with your details to

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Founded in 2022, Namehash Labs is a technology organization dedicated to infrastructure-level solutions that helps the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Protocol grow.

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