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Let's work together


Let's work together

We seek collaborations with other skilled teams and individuals who are passionate about helping ENS grow

When it came time to build smart contracts for NameKit we chose to collaborate with Blockful for their expertise in ENS. Together we designed a solution that creates more financial incentives for wallets and dApps to encourage registrations and renewals of .eth names and help ENS grow.

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We teamed up with Enelpol for their deep expertise with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, big data analysis, Unicode, and fonts. Our collaborations are improving the safety of the ENS community and helping ENS grow.

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We’re collaborating with Axiom on an ENS Referral program prototype. This R&D effort explores how ZK-proofs and Axiom's ZK-coprocessor technology can achieve better economic incentives for all parties, including the ENS DAO, referrers, and referred persons.

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NameHash Labs works in close collaboration with frENS across the ENS community. In keeping with this ethos, we coordinate the delivery of some goals with other talented builders and storytellers contributing to the expansion of ENS.

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Founded in 2022, Namehash Labs is a technology organization dedicated to infrastructure-level solutions that helps the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Protocol grow.

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